Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) is a locally owned and operated company, employing over 40 personnel across the Townsville and North Queensland region. 

The local jobs that PDM creates are sustainable and assist in achieving a more highly-skilled work force for the company and the region.

Supporting Our Community

PDM utilise locally owned companies in the delivery of its core business and support services.

We source all equipment, materials and services from within the applicable local region on an as needed basis.  In Townsville PDM has built long standing business relationships with locally based suppliers.  PDM recognizes that using local industries provides benefits to all parties and is crucial in the development of these business relationships and in turn boosts the local economy capability. Local businesses include:

  • Engineering firms
  • Environmental Firms
  • Legal Firms
  • IT Support Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Survey Firms
  • Manufacturing Firms
  • Trades and Industry based Firms
  • PDM’s fleet of vehicles are purchased and serviced locally

PDM not only make an economic contribution to the local community that includes the supply of goods and services, employment and training, but also make social and community development initiatives and assist in local industry capability development. 

These include local:

  • Sporting Groups
  • Dancing Academies
  • Charities / Fundraisers