Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) motto of “Quality People Quality Outcomes” is consistently reflected throughout our business partnerships.

What may originally be envisaged by a client is not always a reality, but through experienced project guidance and clear communication the best possible outcome can be achieved.

PDM has the following organization values:

  • Embrace the balance of insight and initiative coupled with integrity and honesty to provide our clients with the desired outcome;
  • Have a passion for customers and clients;
  • Display openness and respectfulness;
  • Take on big challenges and fulfil them;
  • Take on constructive self-criticism, self-improvement and pursue personal excellence;
  • Have accountability to clients and employees for commitments, results and quality;
  • Combine applicable professional skills required to deliver a project to completion for the best possible outcome;
  • Manage and lead professional disciplines, identify risks and develop risk mitigation options;
  • Effective project management requires decisive and inspiring leadership; and
  • Trust and reliability are non-negotiable aspects.



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