AIMS Tropical Marine Research Facilities Project

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Australian Institute of Marine Science

Cape Ferguson – International Research Facility


PDM has been the project initiation team by providing Principal professionals to undertake a range of services in developing the project outcomes. These outcomes are driven by climate change response, sustainability, innovation, renewable energy and energy conservation. AIMS operate a scientific research and training facility at Cape Ferguson on the southern outskirts of Townsville. The Tropical Marine Research Facilities, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Project is an initiative of the Australian Government under the Super Science Initiative. The funding also supports the Government’s economic stimulus package.

The Project builds on AIMS internationally recognised capabilities in marine biodiversity, water quality and ecosystems health, marine microbiology and symbiosis, and impacts and adaption to climate change. AIMS mission is “to generate and transfer knowledge to support the sustainable use and protection of the marine environment through innovative, world class scientific and technological research”.

The Project consists of the following elements:

  • Ocean simulator and seawater enhancements
  • Expanded facilities to support growth in Townsville, including a Tropical Marine Collections Facility;
  • Implementation of new technologies to reduce energy consumption;
  • A vessel berthing and operations facility in Townville; and
  • Darwin Coastal Environmental Research Laboratories Expansion.