Pavement Rehabilitation Program

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TCC Pavement Works 2010-2011

Client: Townsville City Council
Project: Pavement Rehabilitation Program
Role: Superintendents Representative
Duration: 2010/2011

PDM provided key personnel to undertake surveillance, auditing and project management/construction management of the Pavement Rehabilitation Program for 2010 – 2012, in association with Townsville City Council personnel.

Throughout the program PDM’s personnel have been instrumental in assessing, determining and modifying the type of treatment on site to ensure the long-term viability for the road works being completed.

This has required PDM’s project manager to undertake the programming and scheduling, environmental impact assessment and traffic management to ensure the project progressed across the city with minimal disruption to the public.

This program management minimised additional costs to Council with extra establishment and downtime, whilst design issues and disruptions to the public were managed in a timely and seamless manner.


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