Flinders Street Redevelopment, Townsville

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 Flinders St

Client: Townsville City Council
Project: Flinders Street Redevelopment, Townsville
Role: Project Management
Duration: 2011/12

PDM provided Council with the key position of Assistant Project Manager to Council’s Project Manager on this multi-million dollar multi-disciplinary project which involved the reinstatement of Townsville’s old mall with a two lane road and parking facilities to the heart of the city, connecting all road via a signalised road network.

PDM’s personnel’s role was significant given the responsibilities of dealing with and managing all levels of Council including Councillors, Council departments, external agencies, external consultants and external contractors. This required significant input into managing various staff within the Council to work with other parties, whilst undergoing organisational changes themselves.

As councils Assistant Project Manager this required the co-ordination and management of design consultants and the principal to maintain the project’s schedule, budget and quality as per Council requirements.

Key outcomes were the resolution of design documentation for the reconstruction of the roadways through the old mall due to the conflict of underground services and direction to the principal contractor on what Council’s requirements are.


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