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Client: Matrix North Queensland Pty Ltd
Project: Civil Work packages for the Saltwater Development in Townsville
Role: Project Manager
Duration: October 2008 – April 2009
The Saltwater development is a multi-storied multi-complex under construction at the Breakwater area of Townsville City. It is to be a multi-dwelling complex built on reclaimed ocean land.

PDM was engaged by the Principal Contractor Matrix North Queensland Pty Ltd to provide project management experience for the civil infrastructure packages of this project. PDM provided a Principal Project Manager to manage the sub-contracted works in accordance with the contract that Matrix had let.

This involved the sub-contractor winning and placing of materials from within the site and the construction of services which included water, sewer, telecommunications and drainage.

PDM’s expertise provided Matrix with solutions to modify the design on site to accommodate the shortfall of available fill material. Under the DA from Council, no material could be imported.

As a result of PDM’s involvement the project timeline was recovered to bring the civil works packages to completion in the timeframes nominated.


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