Project Delivery

Quality People, Quality Outcomes

Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) believes that excellence in project management is achieved through a structural process which includes: 

Project Management

Project inception and planning require thoughtful definition of the goals and needs, evaluation of alternatives, site and funding requirements, financial impacts and project phasing.

Scope Management

Project scope is the work that needs to be performed to meet a client’s goal in relation to function, features, impact and level of quality.

Cost Management

The control of costs requires continual and systematic cost management and monitoring to compare actual costs versus budgeted costs.

Schedule Management

A project schedule establishes a timeline for delivering the project.  A carefully prepared schedule will identify all of the projects stages, phases and activities assigned to personnel which maps out a timeline that measures key dates that are used to keep track of work progress.

Delivery Method

The delivery method is determined by the project’s scope, budget and schedule which in turn will influence the team structure, schedule, budget and management plans.

Project Management Plans

A project management plan documents key management and tasks.  The plan includes the client’s goals, technical requirements, schedules, resources, budgets and programs.

Construction Stage Management

This stage includes all the mechanisms involved with construction and documentation for a project.  Responsibilities in this stage include requests for information, change order management, conflict resolution, inspections, reviews and adhering to schedules.

Quality Optimization

This requires coordinated performance throughout the entire project team in order to maximize the satisfaction of the client and subsequent users of the project.  Having a process implemented at the beginning of the project will define goals and provide a continuous measurement system throughout. 

Project Management

Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) believes that excellence in project management is achieved through a structural process which includes:

• Initiation

• Planning

• Executing

• Management

• Close out

Project Delivery

PDM consider that the responsibility for delivering a project as planned rests with our entire team.  PDM’s delivery of a project requires the implementation of management systems that will control changes in the key factors of scope, schedule, budget, resources and risk to optimize quality and asset.  Value for money in project management requires completing a project on time, on budget and to a level of functionality that meets the required needs.