Project Management

Quality People, Quality Outcomes

Project Management of Infrastructure and Development Projects

Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) provides Professional Project Management of Infrastructure and Development Projects.  We believe that project management involves the planning, co-ordination and budgeting of projects along with managing the risks and people involved.  It is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. PDM will service the clientele by providing a strong management of the development and engineering consultancies, resulting in commercially viable options for investment returns.  By acting as the client’s representative and combining the applicable professional skills required, PDM drives the projects from conception to delivery for the best possible outcomes for the client’s business.  PDM takes ownership of the projects it delivers by:

Managing and leading the professional disciplines;

Identifying the risk associated with the project; and

Developing risk mitigation options.

All projects carry their own risks – generic and environmental.  PDM’s risk management philosophy presents a proactive view of a project risk and is integral in managing projects and businesses generally.  PDM can offer the client strategic and tactical risk management applications – either as part of a broader project management consultancy or as a stand-alone service. PDM’s detailed project management, co-ordination and experience enable it to have an in-depth understanding of projects, their limitations and their opportunities.  Our strength is to capture a project’s needs and formulating those needs onto one cohesive, flexible plan that delivers the project to the requirements of the owner. PDM’s specialist services are provided truly independent of any other consultants, contractors, equity participants or suppliers.  Being independent we are able to stay totally focused on a project and on the needs of a client.  Whilst this isn’t a new approach to Project Management, it provides the client with the opportunity to evaluate and revise the implementation processes undertaken in the delivery of the project. 

Projects that are managed by PDM include:

  • Water – reservoirs, treatment plants and pump stations
  • Transport – bridges, tunnels and marine structures
  • Energy – structures for generation plant, equipment and transmission
  • Mining and Industry – plants and industrial structures
  • Community Infrastructure – buildings and structure for commercial, residential, sport and recreational uses
  • Environmental