PDM’s LiDAR Scanning System is one of the most versatile LiDAR systems on the market today for the delivery of high density point clouds and colour geo-referenced imagery. PDM’s LiDAR Scanning System’s versatility is in its capability of easily being fitted to either a standard road vehicle, all-terrain-vehicle (ATV), train, boat or aerial platform which truly stands out from other mobile units. PDM additionally have the flexibility to either front or rear mount the scanner on both a standard vehicle or ATV. This provides for fast and safe collection of LiDAR data in all environments.

Mobile scanning on gravel environments (gravel roads, mine sites, quarries etc) with vehicles setup with rear mounted mobile scanning system’s produce poor data output due to dust clouds from the rear wheels blocking coverage, whereas front mounting mitigates this issue. Further versatility is provided with PDM’s scanning system having the capability to provide static scanning by utilizing a Faro Focus 3D scanner for high density of static environments. This delivers to our clients unparalleled flexibility of both mobile and static scanning solutions.

In addition to a versatile scanning system, PDM’s scanning team has a strong background in engineering and modelling. This gives PDM the edge in delivering a product suitable for it’s intended task, as there is first hand knowledge in how the data can be utilized in new and existing workflows.





Scanning Methods

PDM utilizes a range of equipment and methods of scanning to best suit the objectives of our clients and the environment being captured digitally. PDM’s mobile scanning platform is extremely versatile, able to be mounted on a range of vehicles in various configurations to suit the environment being scanned. This includes:

Road vehicle (Forward or rear mounted) • ATV • Helicopter • Boat • Rail

In addition, for high density scans of static environments PDM utilizes a Faro scanner to compliment the mobile scanning equipment.

 Applications of LiDAR Scan Data

The output of PDM’s LiDAR scanning systems can be utilized in an ever increasing number of applications such as:

Ground/Surface Modelling • Asset Management • GIS/Mapping • Historic/Heritage Data Capture

As Constructed/Built Modelling • Reverse Engineering • Modelling for Movies/Games/Simulations

Volumetric Analysis • Flood Modelling • City Planning

The field is rapidly evolving, with new applications being realized as the full potential of reality capture is unlocked across a variety of fields.

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Laser Scanning for Roads


Laser Scanning for Rail Corridors


Scanning for Buildings & Services


Laser Scanning for Aerodromes


Laser Scanning for Open Spaces


Laser Scanning for Infrastructure


Laser Scanning Projects

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Street Tree Database Collection via LiDAR

  Client: Townsville City Council Project: Street Tree Database Collection Role: Data Modelling Date: 2016 Summary: PDM was engaged to ...
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Rock Pool Structural Scan

   Client: Townsville City Council Project: Rock Pool Static Scan Date: 2015 Summary: PDM was engaged to carry out a ...
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Hydraulic Pipework Verification

   Client: James Cook University Project: JCU CPB Hydraulic Pipework Investigation Role: Client Representation, LiDAR Scanning Duration: 2015 Summary: PDM undertook number ...
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