Riverside Ridge Land Development

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Project: Riverside Ridge Land Development (Townsville) approx 600 lots hillside Development
Role: Development Management
Duration: September 2007 – June 2009
Stage 1a, 1b, 2a-2b and super lots to accommodate unit developments, in total approx 600 lot development.Involved program management, budget forecasting, monthly progress payments, budget verses actual comparison, program delivery, extension of times, program comparisons – contract pc date, current pc date, forecast pc date, variations, approved variations, pending variations.Summary performance of the contracts to date, consultant, contractor selection and management.Liaison with council on project issues to maintain strong cooperative approach to the delivery of the project.

Liaison with council, QDNR, QDMR, EPA, ERGON, Telstra, Origin Gas.

Management of the design consultants in accordance with the engagement under each contract. Coordination of consultants design work and staging.
Management of construction works and co-ordination of the design consultants to fulfil contractual obligations to inspect and sign off works.
Issue correspondence to the design contracts, in accordance with the performance of the particular contract.

Issue recommendations for monthly progress claims for the approval of the principal for payment under the terms of the applicable contracts. Contractor selection and tendering, contractor negotiations.

Coordination of operational works permits applications and other agency requirements.


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