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Project Services

PDM provide a range of project services for both Private and Government entities. Our services include:

Project Management

Role Procurement Management

Project Superintendent Role

Approval Management

Project Management Plan Preparation

Contractor Selection and Appointment

Project Inspection Services

Independent Claim Certification

Design Management

Project Governance / Management

Contract Management / Administration

Project Superintendency

Coordination of Project Activities

Client Representative

Authority Compliance

Project Commissioning and Handover

Approvals Coordination

Scope Definition (Principal Project Requirements)

At PDM we believe that all projects require planning, coordination, and budgeting to ensure that the project is completed as intended while also managing the risks and individuals involved. It involves the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.

PDM provides its services to its clients through open dialogue at all stages to ensure that the project is adequately scoped, resourced, and reviewed throughout the various stages with the client. By acting as the client’s representative and combining the necessary professional skills, PDM drives projects from conception to delivery, ensuring the best possible outcomes for the client’s business. PDM takes ownership of the projects it delivers by:

  • Managing and leading the professional disciplines;

  • Identifying the risk associated with the project; and

  • Managing and leading the professional disciplines;

All projects come with their own set of risks, both generic and environmental. PDM has a proactive approach to project risk management, which is integral to managing projects and businesses in general. PDM can provide clients with strategic and tactical risk management applications either as part of a broader project management consultancy or as a stand-alone service.

PDM has a deep understanding of projects, their limitations, and their opportunities thanks to its detailed project management, coordination, and experience. Our strength lies in capturing a project’s needs and formulating those needs into one cohesive, flexible plan that delivers the project to the owner’s requirements. PDM’s specialist services are provided independently of other consultants, contractors, equity participants, or suppliers. Being independent allows us to stay completely focused on a project and on the needs of our clients.