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Infrastructure & Industry

Townsville City Council

Ross River Dam to Douglas Water Treatment Plant – Pipeline Duplication

Role: Superintendency and Contract Administration – Inspection and Verification Services

Ross River Dam to Douglas Water Treatment Plant Pipeline Duplication required the design and construction of approx. 9.345km of predominantly buried 1290mm OD MSCL Pipeline from Ross River Dam Outlet to the Douglas Water Treatment to provide a duplication of the existing pipeline.

The Project exits the Ross Dam outlet, running along Riverway Drive and connects into and out of the Ross River booster pump station, continues along Riverway Drive then crosses the Ross River (open trench). Runs along the upper east bank of Ross River within the Mount Stuart Training Area traversing approximately 22 watercourses and connects into the Douglas Water Treatment Plant.

The Project has two cross connections from the new MSCL Pipeline to the existing DN1220 concrete pipeline.

The scope of the work comprised:

  1. Superintendency and Contract administration of up to three contracts
  2. Inspection and verification of QA/QC, Workplace Health and Safety, Cultural Heritage and Environmental conformance.

Townsville City Council

Nelly Bay Sewer Reticulation Stage 1A & 1B and Picnic Bay Stage 3B, Magnetic Island
Role: Superintendent’s Representative and Inspectorial Services
PDM provided Townsville City Council with three experienced personnel to undertake the roles and responsibilities of the Superintendent’s Representative and Clerk of Works (Inspector) for the brown field’s installation of reticulated gravity sewer system for residential allotments in Nelly Bay.

The works involved the supervision of an AS4000-1997 Lump Sum contract and inspectorial services for confirmation of design and Council compliance requirements for the works under the contract. Works also included the completion of a previous incomplete Council Contract in Picnic Bay.

PDM’s personnel were required to work closely with the Principal Contractor and Council’s Water Department to coordinate the politically sensitive works within local residents’ property whilst maintaining set contract deliverables of timeframes and costs. PDM’s personnel encountered numerous design changes due to the personal requirements of the particular residents, all of which were resolved without delay to the project and within contractual costs.
This project has demonstrated the competency of PDM’s personnel at delivering reticulated sewer projects within a localised residential area with the skill and knowledge to represent Council as the Superintendent’s Representative and Inspectorial roles.

Townsville City Council

CBD Utilities Upgrade

Role: Superintendent’s Representative and Inspectorial Services

The Townsville City Council’s water and sewerage infrastructure in the CBD is an aging asset which is not meeting the serviceability requirements of the community. The objective of the project was to upgrade the existing infrastructure to meet current standards and provide serviceability into 2050. 

The CBD utilities project required the Construction Manager to execute approximately 14.6 km of water and sewer mains whilst maintaining the network functionality of the CBD water and sewer reticulation systems. This requires extensive community and stakeholder consultation as a result of the traffic management and network controls required for the construction to occur.

Townsville City Council

All Abilities Playground – Riverway, Townsville

Role: Clients Representative

PDM was engaged as Townsville City Council’s Client’s Representative to project manage this multi-disciplinary playground which is designed to challenge and engage children of all abilities. 

The project’s intention was to create a space where children and families come together to explore, imagine, and develop within a recreational environment utilizing a range of natural and built elements to encourage all types of play.

The playground incorporates a number of structures and features which include a two-level viewing platform, pathways and interactive playground equipment for children of all abilities.

As the Client’s Representative, PDM’s role entailed the management of a landscape architect, as well as civil, structural, and mechanical design engineering consultants.

The construction aspect of this project was tendered to the open market, whilst the design was refined by the relevant government agencies. This project was the first of its kind in North Queensland, with only six of these facilities having been built across the state.

Townsville City Council

Campbell Street Pump Station

Role: Project Management & Inspectorial Services           

As part of the Townsville City Council’s infrastructure program, PDM undertook the upgrade and management of the Campbell Street Pump Station, converting it from a three to six megalitre capacity pipeline. 

Works involved incorporation of an in-situ caisson; a retaining, watertight structure used to work on the foundations. The caisson was constructed such that the water could be pumped out, allowing the working environment to remain dry whilst digging until construction was completed.

This project involved regular risk-based assessment to control the works being conducted on site. As well as a clear understanding and ability to analyse civil projects, combined with the ability to inspect the works and liaise and communicate with the designers and sub-contractors that Council had engaged.

Townsville City Council

Northshore Sewerage Pump Station

Role: Inspectorial Services

PDM were engaged on behalf of Townsville City Council for Inspectorial Services to manage works undertaken for the supply and construction of a trunk sewerage main, and associated pump stations for the Northern Beaches Development. 

The works were undertaken by Principal Contractors, with PDM managing full time inspections to monitor quality and ensure safety standards were maintained.

Works involved the installation of a twelve-metre precast fibreglass pump station with 1.2 kilometres of 375 degree trunk rising main.   

Due to the nature of the works, site management was paramount. Preventative measures included earthworks being stepped to guarantee site stability and contractor safety when working below ground level in open trenches. 

Townsville City Council

Picnic Bay Sewerage Upgrade, Magnetic Island (Stage 1)

Role: Project Management & Inspectorial Services

PDM was engaged as the Superintendent’s Representative and Works Inspector for Townsville City Council on the Picnic Bay Sewerage Upgrade. This project involved the construction of a gravity sewer main to replace the existing septic sewerage system at Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island.

These works involved contract administration, and works supervision roles

Public liaison on behalf of Council was paramount for this project, with the works undertaken being within close proximity of one hundred residential premises.

Communication with the Island Service Providers (ie: public transport companies, taxis, police, and ambulance) was also vital regarding notification and scheduling of works. 

Thuringowa City Council

Kelso Flood Diversion Scheme (Construction Works). In house design by Council and Management by PDM

Role: Superintendents Representative

PDM was engaged by Thuringowa City Council Works Department to review the performance of works undertaken in conjunction with extensions of time and quality of work for this project. Key aspects involved the construction of a new flood diversion channel approximately one kilometre in length in the upper reaches of Kelso, Thuringowa. 

PDM undertook a review of the contract conditions and the works being undertaken to determine if the contract warranted extensions of time and variations under the scope of works. 

The contract was then fully administered by PDM to necessitate timeframes and the claims from the contractor to finality. 

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Cape Ferguson

Role: Development Manager

PDM was engaged by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) to manage the initiation of this project by providing Principal professionals to undertake a range of services in developing the project outcomes. These outcomes are driven by climate change response, sustainability, innovation, renewable energy and energy conservation.

AIMS operate a scientific research and training facility at Cape Ferguson on the southern outskirts of Townsville, North Queensland. The Tropical Marine Research Facilities, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Project is an initiative of the Australian Government under the Super Science Initiative. The funding also supports the Government’s economic stimulus package.

The Project builds on AIMS internationally recognised capabilities in marine biodiversity, water quality and ecosystems health, marine microbiology and symbiosis, and impacts and adaption to climate change. AIMS mission is “to generate and transfer knowledge to support the sustainable use and protection of the marine environment through innovative, world class scientific and technological research”. 

The Project consists of the following elements:

  • Ocean simulator and seawater enhancements;
  • Expanded facilities to support growth in Townsville, including a Tropical Marine Collections Facility;
  • Implementation of new technologies to reduce energy consumption;
  • A vessel berthing and operations facility in Townville; and
  • Darwin Coastal Environmental Research Laboratories Expansion.

AIMS is embarking on the construction of a number of new facilities including:-

  • A site wide District Cooling System incorporating a Central Energy Plant. The Central Energy Plant shall house the site wide chilled water system incorporating stratified chilled water thermal energy storage for the entire site.
  • North Wing building.
  • Research (ATOS) Facility approx. 3,150m² with nominal 1,350m² of controlled environment requiring air-conditioning.
  • As well as the existing seawater upgraded pumping and water storage and treatment facilities.
  • Second diesel standby generator to support the existing standby generator, both to be wired to the main switchboards to operate in the event of power failure off the main electricity supply from the electricity retailer.

Property Development

Matrix North Queensland Pty Ltd

Civil Work Packages – Saltwater Development, Townsville

Role: Project Manager

PDM was engaged by the Principal Contractor Matrix North Queensland Pty Ltd to provide Project Management experience for the civil infrastructure packages of this project. PDM provided a Principal Project Manager to manage the sub-contracted works in accordance with the contract that Matrix had developed.

The Saltwater development is a waterfront, multi-storey, multi-complex under construction at the Breakwater locality of Townsville City. This multi-dwelling complex built on reclaimed ocean land has approvals in place for approximately five hundred apartments and other homes, in addition to a five thousand square metre retail precinct with restaurants, and boutique outlets.

The facilities are to be provided in buildings of various heights, including a fifteen-level tower.

The project involved the sub-contractor ‘winning’ fill material from within the site; and undertaking earthworks to incorporate the construction of infrastructure services including water, sewer, telecommunications, and drainage. 

Under the Development Application from Council, no material could be imported to site. PDM’s expertise provided Matrix with solutions to modify the design on site to accommodate the shortfall of available fill material. 

As a result of PDM’s involvement the project timeline was recovered to bring the civil works packages to completion within the nominated timeframes.

Townsville City Council

Flinders Mall Redevelopment 

Role: Project Management

PDM’s Senior Project Manager was seconded to Townsville City Council in the role of Site Manager to conduct regular risk-based assessment, analyse the progress of the project, undertake site inspections and provide project control for the $60 million Mall Redevelopment.

The mall redevelopment presented a significant challenge whilst co-ordinating works around a busy, fully operational city business centre. 

This landmark project required PDM’s Personnel to work closely with Council to coordinate and confirm all works that the Contractor was undertaking for the completion to schedule. 

The successful redevelopment of the Flinders Mall sees the rebirth of a vibrant, functioning retail and office hub, with PDM playing a significant part in this project.       

Thuringowa City Council, Planning and Development Department

Northern Beaches Sub-Division

Role: Council’s Representative

PDM was engaged by Thuringowa City Council as Council’s Representative, to undertake inspections on multiple sub-divisional works in the Northern Beaches Sub-Division – Thuringowa to maintain Council’s due diligence for the construction activities in accordance with Council’s requirements.

This engagement required PDM to provide a written report on each development to satisfy Council’s Planning and Development departments, that contractors were undertaking construction activities to the standards required by Council, the EPA, and other Government Agencies. 

In the instance where contractors were providing sub-standard works, PDM made recommendations to Council, enabling direction of contractors to meet the necessary standards.

Keswick Developments Pty Ltd

Development of (approx. 700) Sub-divisional Lots at Keswick Island, Whitsundays

Role: Development, Construction and Contract Management

PDM undertook the Development, Construction and Contract Management on behalf of the principal contractor Keswick Developments Pty Ltd for the construction of all infrastructure, services roads and associated works for the development of privately owned housing allotments on Keswick Island.

Keswick Island is the southernmost island of the Whitsundays group, approximately 1,400 hectares in area, with approximately 1,000 hectares being national park. 

Environmental management and minimisation of impact was a key consideration during the planning, construction and infrastructure stages of this project, given that the majority of the island is nature reserve. 

PDM actively managed this project to ensure its clients brief was fully met, whilst minimising any negative environmental concerns associated with construction activities of this proportion.  

The nature of works undertaken in this development included:-

  • Approximately 700 housing allotments
  • Upgrade of Aerodrome facilities
  • Installation of a new sewerage treatment plant
  • Installation of a new water treatment plant
  • Construction of marina facilities.

Urban Land Development Authority

Oonoonba Subdivision

Role: Inspectorial Services

PDM was engaged by the Urban Land Development Authority after they identified the need for a third party to undertake an audit of the works on site.

This project involves the development of multiple housing allotments providing affordable community residential dwellings.

PDM has provided Project Inspectors to monitor works on a weekly basis to ensure the scope of works is being delivered to the standard of the design drawings, within client guidelines and budget. The weekly inspection of works also reviews safety and environmental practices, in addition to general construction activities.

Efficient management strategies and regular reporting processes sees the project progressing with minimal issues, allowing the client’s scope of works to be delivered to without delay to schedule. 

Glen Alpine Properties Pty Ltd

Riverside Ridge Land Development (Douglas, Townsville)

Role: Development Management

PDM was engaged by Glen Alpine Properties Pty Ltd to provide Development Management of its Riverside Ridge project in Douglas, Townsville, which involved hillside land development to deliver ‘super lots’ to accommodate housing unit developments, incorporating approximately six hundred lots in total.   

The development was delivered in stages, involving the coordination of consultants, design work and staging in accordance with the engagement under each contract.

Key aspects of PDM’s role throughout this project included:

  • Management of construction works and co-ordination of the design consultants to fulfil contractual obligations.
  • Issue correspondence to the design contracts, in accordance with the performance of the particular contract.
  • Issue recommendations for monthly progress claims for the approval of the principal for payment under the terms of the applicable contracts. Contractor selection and tendering, contractor negotiations.
  • Coordination of operational works permits applications and other agency requirements.
  • Undertook program management including budget forecasting, monthly progress payments, budget verses actual comparison, program delivery, extension of times, program comparisons – contract pc date, current pc date, forecast pc date, variations, approved variations, pending variations.
  • Summary performance of the contracts to date, consultant, contractor selection and management.
  • Liaison with Council on project issues to maintain strong cooperative approach to the delivery of the project, in addition to liaison with other organisations including Department of Natural Resources, Department of Main Roads, Environmental Protection Agency, ERGON, Telstra, Origin Gas.

Aviation & Ports

Department of Defence

RAAF Base Edinburgh & Woomera Aircraft Pavement Maintenance

Role: Project and Construction Manager

PDM undertook the project and construction management on behalf of Australian Pavement Maintenance Systems for the 2008 – 2009 airfields maintenance works package at RAAF Base Edinburgh & RAAF Base Woomera in South Australia.

The project included a range of pavement works such as pavement rectification, pavement rejuvenation, concrete repairs and joint replacement works within an active military aviation environment.

Logistical challenges included sourcing pavement materials such as sand and aggregate from over 2000 kilometres away, as the local resources did not meet Department of Defence specifications.

Department of Defence

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Darwin Aircraft Pavement Maintenance

Role: Project Manager & Contract Administration

PDM undertook the Construction Management on behalf of Colquhoun Constructions for the 2009 – 2010 airfields maintenance package for Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base, Darwin, Northern Territory.

The works program included pavement rectification, pavement rejuvenation, concrete repairs and joint replacement works whilst under an active military and civilian aviation environment.

The project was resourced and managed from Townsville and required a team of approximately twelve men mobilised to Darwin.

Logistical challenges included managing and maintaining work schedules around military activity and adhering to Department of Defence security requirements. 

Hinchinbrook Shire Council

Ingham Aerodrome – Pavement Refurbishment

Role: Project Management

PDM was engaged by the Hinchinbrook Shire Council to prepare a summary report for the pavement condition of the Ingham Aerodrome. PDM was then engaged to undertake the Project Management for the aerodrome pavement refurbishment. 

PDM utilised its extensive knowledge of aviation operations, combined with industry best practice and regulations to determine the required information for Council given the unavailability of general data. 

The aerodrome refurbishment was managed successfully via various specialised contractors to maintain Council’s schedule, allowing the pavement to be upgraded and fully operational for an air show.

The completion of this project sees PDM effectively assisting Council to maintain and utilize a valuable asset for local commerce, as well as the community of Ingham and surrounding regions. 


Department of Defence

Australia – Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI) – Greenvale Training Area (GVTA)

Role: Project Manager

PDM provided a project manager during the planning phase for the GVTA. Defence’s Managing Contractor, CPB Contractors Pty Ltd (CPB) are completing the design, with the final design of the GVTA expected in December 2022.

To date, CPB has awarded in the order of $22.9 million of subcontractor work packages, with in the order of 95% of these awarded to local consultant companies. As part of the land development process for new Defence estate, Defence is required to undertake comprehensive environmental and heritage studies to manage the impact that development, and subsequent training, will have in these areas. Defence has completed detailed environmental studies for GVTA, to ensure that obligations under Australia’s Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Cth) 1999 continue to be met. Following completion of design and these land due diligence activities, negotiations will commence with CPB for the construction of the facilities and infrastructure, and the release of major construction work package

Department of Defence

RAAF Base Edinburgh & Woomera Aircraft Pavement Maintenance

Role: Project and Construction Manager

PDM undertook the project and construction management on behalf of Australian Pavement Maintenance Systems for the 2008 – 2009 airfields maintenance works package at RAAF Base Edinburgh & RAAF Base Woomera in South Australia.

The project included a range of pavement works such as pavement rectification, pavement rejuvenation, concrete repairs and joint replacement works within an active military aviation environment.

Logistical challenges included sourcing pavement materials such as sand and aggregate from over 2000 kilometres away, as the local resources did not meet Department of Defence specifications.

Department of Defence

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Darwin Aircraft Pavement Maintenance

Role: Project Manager & Contract Administration

PDM undertook the Construction Management on behalf of Colquhoun Constructions for the 2009 – 2010 airfields maintenance package for Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base, Darwin, Northern Territory.

The works program included pavement rectification, pavement rejuvenation, concrete repairs and joint replacement works whilst under an active military and civilian aviation environment.

The project was resourced and managed from Townsville and required a team of approximately twelve men mobilised to Darwin.

Logistical challenges included managing and maintaining work schedules around military activity and adhering to Department of Defence security requirements. 

Roads & Rail

Whitsunday Regional Council

Inverdon Bridge Reconstruction

Role: Project Management
Construction of a new concrete bridge, across the Don River, with 6 spans to cover the 120-metre crossing. Each span consisted of precast bridge decks, connected to cast in-situ head stocks connected to precast-driven concrete piles.

This project required PDM to assess and prepare a funding claim through QRA to approve the scope and money for a new bridge. This involved the scope development and engagement of Geotechnical Consultants and Design Consultants and a Quantity Surveyor for the new structure. These engagements were to the Whitsunday Regional Council’s procurement process.
Tender to open market for the construction contract and contract management through a second wet season.

Townsville City Council

Victoria Street Bridge Replacement

Role: Superintendents Representative

PDM was engaged by Townsville City Council to manage works involving the coordination of the contractor’s designers, construction staff and management, within various Council technical, Construction and Commercial areas to ensure on-time delivery of the project.

The project challenges manifested on the physical unknowns of the geotechnical substrata contained within the existing structure, resulting in experienced technical interpretation requiring several re-designs whilst maintaining the construction program.

Additionally challenging was the coordination of the re-alignment of a trunk water main servicing two thousand residential homes in the city centre with the potential to isolate water supply without a redundancy plan.

Townsville City Council

Dalrymple Road Pavement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Role: Superintendents Representative

PDM was engaged by Townsville City Council in the role of Superintendent’s Representative to complete a summary performance of the contracts required to undertake the construction of the pavement rehabilitation and full reconstruction of the pavement for Dalrymple Road.

Throughout this project PDM liaised with Council and the Contractor, undertaking supervision of project issues to maintain a strong cooperative approach for the delivery of the project.   

The main challenge that manifested was the management of multiple contractors working on a highly trafficked road to allow delivery of the project within a very short timeframe. 

PDM also managed issue recommendations for Monthly Progress Claims, for the approval of the Principal for payment under the terms of the applicable contracts. 

Thuringowa City Council

Pioneer Drive

Role: Council’s Representative

PDM was engaged by Thuringowa City Council as Council’s Representative to undertake the Contract Administration and Inspectorial services for the pavement rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of Pioneer Drive.

Challenges overcome during this project involved the management of multiple contractors all working within a short timeframe.

Environmental management was also a key factor with the works, as there was a requirement from Council not to damage the existing trees lining the streetscape. 

All objectives were successfully achieved, with the pavement repair and rehabilitation delivered to Council. within designated schedule and budget. 

Matrix Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Jupiter’s Casino Carpark

Role: Contracts

PDM was engaged by Matrix Group (Australia) Pty Ltd as Contracts Manager in relation to the resurfacing and upgrade project for the car park at Jupiters Casino, Townsville, North Queensland. 

PDM was required to undertake an assessment of the pavement failures at the car park site and compile information for review by the Matrix Group and other associated parties. 

The scope of works involved the installation of new street lighting and access gates prior to the resurfacing of the existing car parking area.

During the initial stages of the project PDM recommended the geotechnical investigation and design review of the existing car park pavement.

The objective of this investigation and review was to highlight the soundness of the constructed pavement for the purposes of upgrading the pavement with the proposed works.

This request was not acted upon by direction of the client.

Townsville City Council

Pavement Rehabilitation 3 Year Program

Role: Inspectorial Services 

As part of Townsville City Council’s pavement program, PDM has been engaged to undertake inspections for the upgrade and management of pavement rehabilitation works throughout Townsville and the surrounding area.

PDM has provided Project Inspectors to undertake inspections and provide project control of works for the pavement rehabilitation program which involves in-situ stabilization as well as pavement reconstruction and sealing.

PDM inspectors actively manage Council’s programs and schedules to ensure works are completed to standard prior to seasonal wet weather activity.

PDM has developed and maintained a strong working relationship with Council throughout this program and is providing continuity with experienced inspectors currently managing ongoing works. 


Townsville City Council

Facilities Master Plan
Role: Principal’s Representative

Development of a 50-year asset and infrastructure management plan for council administrative and front-line services (field personnel).
This included a detail analysis of council’s services and current depots to develop a proposal of short (5 years)- and long-term (40 years) solutions to provide appropriate buildings and depots for its workforce and fleet.

It was imperative to include financial limitations and reductions to ensure cost saving developments for both council services and the community.
The project involved assessing each building and depot for its utilisation and determining plant utilisation. Establishing a long term plan that would determine where people and plant would be located, the size of buildings / structure and their functions. Functional requirement briefs were developed for all new and retained buildings.

Townsville Port Authority

Major Projects Development

Role: Project Feasibility Business Case

PDM was engaged by the Townsville Port Authority to prepare a report for their Board which would summarise the key points pertaining to six major capital projects for the financial year 2008.

This report was commissioned to summarise the status and background of the major projects programmed for 2008 to be undertaken by the Townsville Port Authority for the Port of Townsville.

The report focussed on the justification of six major projects for the financial year 2008. There had previously been no financial analysis prepared for this justification, and the report PDM prepared was a high-level review of the ports operational requirements based on a desk top review of the 2007 Master Plan and Business Cases of the Townsville Port Facility.

The report detailed purpose, benefits, current status and supporting data/actions, as well as identifying any financial risks associated with an operation of this volume.

PDM was requested to articulate the different project management delivery models for a major project, defining some of the risk associated with each model.

Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGIP)
Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline – Strategic Construction PlanninG

Port of Townsville is the largest general cargo and supply port in Northern Australia. While it exports mainly mining and agriculture products, it is North Queensland’s main import destination for fuel, bitumen, mining supplies for the Northwest Mineral Province, Galilee and Bowen Basin.

The catchment for Port of Townsville includes Central, North, North-West and Far North Queensland. It supplies 700,000 people in this region with containerised consumer goods as well as motor vehicles.

Townsville Port is unable to accommodate increasingly larger vessels due to channel width limitations, resulting in freight for Northern Queensland having to utilise capital city ports and then road / rail transport between Brisbane and Townsville.

Over the past decade, larger container vessels (Panamax and Post Panamax) have entered the east coast of Australia and have had to bypass Townsville due to their size. Global shipping trend analysis demonstrates that increased vessel sizes will be utilised in Australia, meaning more vessels will avoid Townsville and utilise capital City ports.

The bypassing of Townsville by larger vessels also directly affects the cost of living for residents in the North as well as the cost of manufacturing and other costs to industries in North Queensland.

Disaster resilience and storage capabilities are an issue for the North. Without land reclamation and subsequent stages of the Port Expansion, Townsville will be vulnerable to supply chain failure in the event of natural disasters.

This project involved the strategic review of the overall project to expand port capacity by:

Dredging the port channels wider and deeper.
Reclaiming land.
Building deeper and longer berthing

Townsville City Council

Review of Contract Documents Parks Department

Role: Contract Management

As part of the newly combined Council, Townsville City Council Combined Parks Division contracted PDM to review the new suite of contract documents which had recently been introduced to the Parks Department under the “fit for use” purpose.    

A number of outcomes resulted from this review, which provided the Parks Department information to be incorporated into Council’s Legal Department documents, such that these could be streamlined; thus, better protecting Council when engaging small to medium contractors. 

The review identified that Council needed to alter its policy in terms of public liability and professional indemnity to cater for the various types of contracts which range in price and scope to enable the small to medium enterprises (SME’s) to provide service to Council.

This document is now the standard template for all works within the Parks Department.

Energy, Resources & Mining

Townsville City Council

Herveys Range Front Resource Recovery Facility

Role: Superintendent’s Representative and Inspectorial Services

PDM utilised the PMBOK methodologies to deliver this project. It required a stepped approach to ensure all of scope was captured and addressed and included all stakeholders. 

This is Councils first sale and recycle waste station developed at this site and required close liaison with council as to permits and licences. 

The project provides for the entire sale and recycle of waste. The facility is fully enclosed and contains all waste for the safe and efficient sorting and transfer to council facilities at other location via truck. 

PDM provided Council with project management, inspector, and superintendent’s representative to administer the entire project, following handover from the initial Project Manger. 

PDM’s scope included:

  • Approvals process for all agencies.
  • Managing design changes and scope clarification completed by Council.
  • Managing changes to the contract after initial contract dispute between the council and builder.
  • Construction phase services of superintendent and inspector to deliver and complete project.
  • Manage defects liability period.

Starstroi, Russia

Sand Production and Shipment

Role: Client’s Representative

PDM was engaged by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd (Sakhalin Island, Russia) to be their Client’s Representative in Australia, after winning a contract to process a particular sand product sourced in Australia for the commissioning of onshore oil pipelines under Sakhalin Island. 

The island is approximately 1000 kilometres in length and is located north of Japan off the coast of Russia. 

The pipeline formed part of the Sakhalin-2 Phase 11, multi-billion-dollar project. This venture involved laying a pipeline network from the northern to the southern tip of Sakhalin Island to supply gas and oil to the Port operation located in the south. 

As a result of fault lines running across the island, special sand was required to encase the pipeline in the groundwork to eliminate movement and protect all infrastructure from damage. 

PDM was engaged as the Principal’s Representative to manage the processes of the contractor in producing the required quality and volumes of this special sand in Townsville, Australia, and ensure product availability within very short timeframes for export to Russia. Outside of Russia, this sand could only be sourced from the Burdekin Region in Queensland; processing taking place in Townsville with export from the local Port.

As part of this commission PDM’s role included:-

  • Project Management services; Inspection/testing and technical service.
  • Audit testing to be NATA certified Laboratory.
  • Managing the co-ordination for the logistics of loading vessels at the Port of Townsville and the preparation and lodgement of documentation for Australian and Russian Customs Services.

Townsville City Council

Jensen Cell Development – Waste Management

Role: Project and Construction Management

PDM undertook the construction management of a new waste cell approximately 1.5 hectares in size. This was part of Townsville City Council’s Master Plan for the Jensen Waste Facility.

One of the main challenges with this project was monitoring environmental management on behalf of Council to ensure the earthworks were carried in accordance with industry best practice and compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licence requirements.  

Dust and sediment runoff control being key issues with an earthworks project of this scale. 

The works involved the planning and development of a bulk earthworks project in excess of 30,000m³, inclusive of seepage drainage for the waste cell.


Whitsunday Regional Council

Whitsunday Buildings – Tropical Cyclone Debbie

Role: Project Management

PDM undertook the project management of reviewing and assessing all buildings and facilities affected by Cyclone Debbie.

Working with Whitsunday Regional Council insurers to provide scopes of damage, received agreements from insurers and engage builders to repair a range of buildings and facilities, including:

  • Whitsunday Airport Building
  • Bowen PCYC
  • Airlie Beach PCYC
  • Proserpine Council Building
  • Proserpine Entertainment Centre
  • All parks across Whitsunday region

Townsville City Council

Civic Theatre Extension 

Role: Project Management

PDM’s Project Inspector was responsible for Council inspections and to approve the standard of workmanship for the multi-million-dollar redevelopment of the Townsville’s Civic Centre.

This project involved the regular risk-based assessment to control the works that were being conducted on site and ability to analyse the vertical built form of the new structure.

PDM’s inspector was also actively involved with identifying any defects and instigating communication with the client and contractors to rectify any issues.

Completion of this multi-million-dollar project sees Townsville with a state-of-the-art venue for theatre and performance arts, offering economic and social benefits to the wider community. 

Returned Services League Queensland (RSL – Qld)

Warhaven Retirement Village Cairns – Manager’s Residence Refurbishment 

Role: Project Management

PDM’s Principal Project Manager after consultation with key representatives of the RSL State Branch managed the refurbishment works for the Warhaven Retirement Village in Cairns, including a complete renovation of the on-site Manager’s residence.

A key issue with this project was consideration of, and minimal disturbance to the elderly and infirmed residents.                                                            

Whilst the project involved PDM managing the building contractor to ensure the Scope of Works was achieved within the client’s schedule and budget, it also reflected a firm emphasis on community values, showing residents. 

Returned Services League Queensland (RSL – Qld)

Emu Park Retirement Village – Refurbishment 

Role: Project Management

PDM has been engaged to inspect and undertake the Project Management for the demolition and refurbishment works at RSL Queensland’s Emu Park Retirement Village.  

PDM’s Principal Project Manager conducted a site inspection of the residence with key representatives from RSL Queensland to ascertain the condition of the Retirement Village.

From this process a determination was made to invite a number of competent building contractors from the Rockhampton area to tender for renovation works following a comprehensive site inspection. 

PDM has closely monitored the Tender process and in conjunction with RSL has identified and engaged the most suitable contractor for these works based upon qualifications and budgetary requirements. 

Returned Services League Queensland (RSL – Qld)

ANZAC House and Tobruk House – Rockhampton 

Role: Project Management

PDM has been engaged by RSL Queensland to undertake plans for the renovation, reconfiguration, and reallocation of office space within the heritage buildings of Anzac and Tobruk House, in Rockhampton with the goal of better utilisation of these premises.

The brief for this project is to deliver two quality buildings in a centralised location that offer a series of well-appointed office suites. 

Ideally, PDM has worked closely with RSL Queensland throughout the process and planning stages of this renovation project, organising it over four phases to determine the quality of works. PDM has been able to identify and necessitate upgrades where necessary to maintain the life of the asset, whilst working within RSL’s budgetary requirements.                            

An essential requirement of this project is to ensure minimum disruption and displacement to existing tenants, whilst allowing upkeep and maintenance of two valuable and iconic RSL assets.

Returned Services League Queensland (RSL – Qld)

Collinsville Memorial Park

Role: Project Management

RSL Queensland engaged PDM to undertake an inspection and provide a report on the condition of the RSL Memorial Hall located in Collinsville, in central Queensland.

Due to the dilapidated condition of this building, PDM made the recommendation to the RSL that a Memorial Park be erected on the land, utilizing the existing cenotaph at its heart as a point of reflection, and maintaining a link with the values of this close-knit community. 

The planning phase determined that PDM initiate the groundwork and manage the Architectural Design Team, whilst maintaining full communication with RSL Queensland throughout every stage of the process.

It also required more detailed concept costs to enable a budget to be included in the

business for capital expenditure whilst meeting the client’s expectations.

Disaster Management

Charters Towers Regional Council (CTRC)

CTRC 2021 Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA)

Role: Program Managers

Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) provided these services to the
Charters Towers Regional Council (CTRC) for the delivery DRFA 2021 event as Councils program management consultant.

This project involved the assessments of 3,850km of shire roads and the reconstruction of approximately 1,300km of road and associated drainage structures damaged by flooding. The project was divided into 29 different contracts and utilised nine different contractors.

Project Management team – Project Director, Program Manager, Contract Administrator, Inspectors x 3, OH&S Manager, and Project Support Officers x 2. A Project Leadership Group established to oversee the delivery of the DRFA Recovery Program.

Technical challenges of obtaining contractors to a suitable level of workmanship and council personnel understanding the QRA processes.

Whitsunday Regional Council

Shute Harbour Redevelopment

Shute Harbour was originally constructed in the early 1960’s as an ideal location for a departure point to service local island and reef trips due to its central proximity to nearby tourist attractions. Further infrastructure improvements were completed in both the 1970’s and again in the late 1990’s / early 2000’s.

PDM provided the project management team to scope, manage design, and construction phases for the reconstruction of the Shute Harbour precinct. The project objective was to re-establish the commercial functionality without restricting the ability to future proof the requirements of the site.

The reconstruction of Shute Harbour includes a sea wall, carpark, fuel facilities, a harbour terminal building, six floating pontoons that create 3 finger pontoons.

Whitsunday Regional Council

Bowen Front Beach Restoration 

Role: Project Management

Bowen’s front beach suffered extreme damage in the 2017 Cyclone Debbie, amounting to loss of beach material and beach retaining wall for approximately 230 metres.

The project involved the assessment of damage and claim preparation, design management, tender and construction management to handover. The construction of new wall was a plastic pile and concrete cast in-situ footings, with precast stepped decking.

Solar lighting on powder coated columns for full length of new wall.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council

NDRRA Flood Assessments of Infrastructure and Roads

Role: Inspectorial Services

PDM was engaged to provide Engineers and Inspectors for the 2010/2011 flood events to conduct risk-based assessment and analysis of civil projects for the Hinchinbrook Shire Council, in Ingham and surrounding localities. 

This involves undertaking site inspections for the initial validation and quantification of flood damages to road pavements and infrastructure, and to prepare estimates for Council in relation to costs of works.

PDM inspectors actively manage Council’s programs and schedules to ensure works are completed to standard prior to seasonal wet weather activity.

PDM has developed and maintained a strong working relationship with Council throughout this program.