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About Us

The PDM Story

Andrew Franzmann and Jim Sullivan, the founding partners of PDM, have been the driving force behind its remarkable journey since its inception in 2007. What started as a humble venture, has since flourished under their leadership, now boasting a dedicated team of over 45 employees. Drawing upon their extensive business, engineering and infrastructure experience, Andrew and Jim identified the opportunity to provide unparalleled support to clients, aligning their passion for quality outcomes with every phase of a project, from conceptualisation to asset acquittal.

PDM’s core values are: Leadership, Respect, Teamwork, Innovation, Accountability, and Trust. These values not only guide our actions but also shape the culture that defines us. “The diverse quality of our people is the recipe for success,” highlighting the importance of a dynamic and inclusive team in achieving our goals. “Our motivation lies in the continuous growth of Northern Australia and driving innovation hand in hand with our clients.”

This commitment to growth, innovation, and collaboration is reflected in our company logo, which symbolizes the three pillars of a project—business development phase, the delivery phase, and the ongoing operations. 

At the heart of our capabilities, we pride ourselves on being leaders in Project Management, Asset Management, Disaster Operations & Recovery, Workplace Health & Safety, Geospatial Data Management, and Advisory Services.

This diverse expertise allows us to offer comprehensive solutions and meet the evolving needs of our clients. As we continue to evolve, our dedication to these principles ensures that we not only meet but exceed expectations, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in every project we undertake. 

PDM is third party accredited

Local Buy Supplier

Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd are a Local Buy Supplier on the LGA Arrangement LB280 Asset Management Services

PDM have been appointed to the following Categories:

  • Asset Valuation & Financial Services
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Tactical Asset Management
  • Operational Asset Management
  • Asset Management Digital Services

Project Delivery Managers Pty Ltd (PDM) are a Local Buy Supplier on the LGA Arrangement LB279 Project Management (Civil Infrastructure) Services

PDM have been appointed to the following categories:

  • Strategic, 
  • Civil Infrastructure,
  • Buildings & Facilities,
  • Water & Sewerage,
  • Coastal & Marine, and
  • Waste Management & Environmental