Street Tree Database Collection via LiDAR

  Client: Townsville City Council Project: Street Tree Database Collection Role: Data Modelling Date: 2016 Summary: PDM was engaged to utilize collected LiDAR point cloud data for the purposes of identification of trees adjacent streets in Townsville, Queensland. The objective was to improve upon TCC’s existing database by identifying new and incorrect data to better […]

Rock Pool Structural Scan

   Client: Townsville City Council Project: Rock Pool Static Scan Date: 2015 Summary: PDM was engaged to carry out a static scan of the Rock Pool swimming enclosure in Townsville, Queensland, for purposes of comparison with future scans to detect movement of the concrete base over time.

Hydraulic Pipework Verification

   Client: James Cook University Project: JCU CPB Hydraulic Pipework Investigation Role: Client Representation, LiDAR Scanning Duration: 2015 Summary: PDM undertook number of static LiDAR scans on the completed installation of a sanitary system of a multi-story building at James Cook University after multiple failures and blockages. The scans were used to identify issues with the installation, […]