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Counter Disaster Operations and Recovery - McKinlay Shire Council

Client: McKinlay Shire Council

Role: Management and Inspection Services

PDM has played a crucial role in assisting McKinlay Shire Council’s operational response to Tropical Cyclone Kirrily. This involvement encompasses providing support for Counter Disaster operations within the Local Disaster Management Group and conducting situational asset inspections.

Event Management and Inspectors are carry out network inspections, ensuring effective project control during the declared flooding event. The inspectors actively engage in supporting the Council’s Operations during emergent phases, collaborating with the Regional Disaster Coordinator to offer real-time information for situational reporting to the district. Additionally, they contribute to road inspections, especially during wet weather activity.

Throughout this program, PDM has fostered a robust working relationship with the Council. We prioritize continuity by deploying experienced inspectors who actively contribute to emergent works phases, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the community.

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